Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Training, skill, and a little luck . . .

Life has a unique way of playing out. Why events happen is, at times, hard to understand.

I have lived a life without much trauma or drama. 

Ed Gavagan has not. Listen to his story.

As I listened to this remarkable story what struck me was his affirmation that the chaos of the world can be beaten back with luck and, more importantly, with people who have training and skill.  

I want the people with whom I work to understand that they are the people Mr. Gavagan is talking about. His story revolves around the remarkable skills of surgeons and doctors. But everyday I see teachers and principals who push back against the chaos with students in our district.

Teachers and principals create opportunities, inspire, build up the confidence of struggling students, push students to go further than they imagined.

The students who show up in our classrooms and in our schools we don't get to pick. Yet everyday there they are. The job of the teachers in my district and in my schools is to use their training and skills to make a difference. 

And they do a remarkable job! 

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