Friday, October 5, 2012

Are schools ready and able

Will Richardson in his book Why School (how do you tell people the page number of a book you are reading in the Kindle app on an iPad?) says the following:

"Fewer companies will be willing to offer full-time jobs with health benefits or retirement plans when they can hire short-term contractors from anywhere in the world to do much of the work they need."

As I read those words I thought of the article in the New York Times that talked about a digital start-up that technically had one employee - the founder.

Richardson went on to say that:

"More and more, our children will have the chance - and, increasingly, be expected - to forge their own paths to an education and into the workplace."

That is a significantly different perspective than I grew up with. Schools need to help our student prepare for their world and not prepare them for the world that I grew up in.

My question is are schools ready and able to do that?

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