Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Giants Win the World Series!

I was driving between meetings today and happened to tune into sports radio. I was surprised by what I heard.

It appears that after one game in this year's World Series we can call the whole thing off. As I understood the conversation, the Giants have won.

Now, technically, they still have to win three more games but the callers were convinced that after one disastrous game by my Detroit Tigers that the Tigers had no hope.

I was somewhat stunned.

I must tell you I was stunned last night as well when the Giants hit rocket after rocket against Justin Verlander. My belief, as well as the belief of many in Detroit, was that Verlander would win the game. He had given up just two runs in this year's playoffs. At one point he had not allowed a run in 84 at-bats.

But last night! Oh boy - he was not very good. Or the Giants were very good.

Regardless, the callers to sports radio today were united in their belief that the Series was over.

Again, I was somewhat stunned.

Granted things look bad right now. But, my fellow Tiger fans, don't give up.

Tiger fans, let's us unite to remain optimistic. In a Business Week article about the economy and optimism, the author suggested that "practical people should open their minds to the opportunities to be seized just as much as to the dangers to be dodged."

Michiganders - we are practical people. We can see possibilities as well as dangers. Let us focus on the positive.

Another website suggests that the "anticipation of difficult events is almost far worse than the events are. Your mind can often be your own worst enemy."

As this conversation rattled around in my head today I thought about the business of schools. At times there is a lot to look at pessimistically. The new Common Core. Waivers for NCLB. Increased expectations from the state. Reduced funding. Tighter budgets.

The list of potentially negative news can be long. At times it can seem a bit overwhelming.

Yet, I have reason for hope. There are opportunities to be seized. The future can look bright. The sun is still rising.

So let us commit to seeing the possibilities!

(Now if Doug Fister pitches the way Justin Verlander did, I may rewrite this!)

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