Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Test scores, family income, and schools

The following graphs, from a column in the New York Times, show the relationship between SAT test scores and family income.

SAT reading scores by income

SAT math scores by income

What do these graphs tell us?

Family income matters - a lot.

Another story, reported by Dave Murray, suggests that outside of school factors play a significant role in student achievement.

But these are numbers in general. These numbers do not tell us how students do in our schools with our teachers.

Do the students in our schools do better than these graphs and news stories suggest? With our teachers and our schools have we figured out a way to ensure that all students will have an equal chance at success?

We would hope so. But do we have evidence?

Our district goals talk about ensuring that all students make no less than one year's growth in one year's time. We also state that all students will achieve at a high level.

Worthy goals. Goals that we must achieve. If we are to be successful in achieving these goals it appears that we will be beating the odds.

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