Thursday, January 31, 2019

Feeling like I belong

In our school district we have missed the last two days of school because of cold weather.

Not just cold weather but "oh my gosh, holy cow, can you believe it, freezing everything" cold weather.

And while I am sure our students (and staff) enjoyed the unexpected holiday, I also know that they welcome the opportunity to return.

For school is not just a place where students go to learn and staff go to teach and support students.

School is place that gives people purpose. School is a place that provides opportunity to every person who enters the front door.

Students find adults who are not their parents who care deeply for them and who want the best for them.

Staff have the opportunity to give back to others - whether it is to students or to colleagues.

Schools don't always get it right, but schools create a community where people look out for each other.

So I for one am glad that we get the chance to return to a place that creates so much opportunity and makes me, most of the time, feel like I belong.