Monday, February 8, 2016

Tempting fate!

The students in Novi are restless. This picture says it all.

That's the view out of my office. It's February. It's winter. It's Michigan. And there is no snow!

Every classroom that I visit, every student that I see asks me when we will have a snow day. They seem to think I have magical power!

I don't.

But my students NEED a snow day!

I tend to believe that they just WANT a snow day but maybe I a not seeing things from their perspective.

I am.

Snow days are magical because they are unexpected. Snow days interrupt the normal flow of life and present us with a wonderful surprise.

Who doesn't like surprises?

So in an effort to show my students that I care I am writing about the lack of snow. Surely this will cause those who control the weather to look down upon Novi and say, "Those students NEED a snow day!"

But it probably won't. As I said, I don't have magical powers!

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