Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The place for schools

Here's an interesting video: "An Open Letter to Educators". Are schools in danger of becoming irrelevant?

It is hard to say although it cannot be argued that schools are still the sole repository of information. The internet has given us more information. The internet has changed how we find information and how we share information.

How do schools fit into this new reality?

Even though information is readily available, do people know what the information means and how to use the information? Can people distinguish between "good" information and "bad" information? Who determines what is "good" and "bad" information?

Schools, and those of us who work in schools, are wrestling with a world that provides an unlimited amount of information. What I know is that just because there is more information available it has not necessarily made us any smarter.

Schools have a place. Schools can help develop context, make connections, and see possibilities. Schools have always done this. My hope is that we can continue to wrestle with how schools will do this in the future.

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