Wednesday, February 22, 2012

College and career ready - who do you believe?

The state of Michigan's dashboard - created at the behest of Governor Snyder - shows that 17.3% of Michigan High School graduates are ready for college.

Yet, on the Michigan Department of Education's website - MI School Data - there is an Excel file that you can download that tells a different story. When you look at this Excel file it shows that 71% of the 2008 Michigan high school graduates attended an Institute of Higher Education for the 2008-2009 school year. It goes on to show that at the end of that year 73% of those students had earned at least one year's credit in college.

For Novi the numbers are even more remarkable.  For the 2008 graduates, 90% went on to an Institute of Higher Education and 90% of those students earned at least one year of college credit in one year.

Why does the Governor continue to state that only 17% of Michigan high school students are ready for college? The evidence is clear - the majority - the vast majority - of high school graduates in Michigan are ready for college and are successful in college. That's the message that we should be promoting.

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