Monday, January 16, 2017

Read books: It's important

How important is it that we take the time to read books?

It's a good question. In the times that we find ourselves, we often find excuses not to read books. We tell ourselves that there is just too much information out there for us to take the time needed to read a book. We have Twitter and Facebook. We watch TV. We scan headlines on our phones. We are sent links to articles from across the internet.

It is probably true that we have easy access to more information than probably at any time in history.

In a world like this then where does reading a book fit in?

Recently, President Obama, in an interview, eloquently stated that books helped him through his:

sometimes lonely boyhood, when “these worlds that were portable” provided companionship, to his youth when they helped him to figure out who he was, what he thought and what was important.  

Books, President Obama, said have been a sustaining source of:

ideas and inspiration, and gave him a renewed appreciation for the complexities and ambiguities of the human condition.

It is easy to get so busy that I believe, incorrectly, that I do not have time to read. From early starts to late meetings, a day can slip by rather quickly. Days become weeks and weeks become months and then, before I intended, I have failed to make time to read.

I have become more intentional about reading books. I snatch minutes before I go to sleep. I read while I wait.

I read because it is important.

Reading books gives me perspective and ideas. Reading books connects me to people who may be different than I am. Reading books helps me slow down and think.

Here are books that I have read recently. These titles are good for students in grades 4-7. Each was good in its own way. I'd start with "Wish."

For those wanting to think about our work with students, try these. I read each of these last fall. I'd start with "Teach Your Children Well."

Read. Read books. Read whenever you get a chance.


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