Friday, January 15, 2016

Slow Down, Trust Others

One month ago I had my hip replaced. I was thrilled!

It was, once again, an interesting experience. I've done it before - three other times in fact. 

I've heard it said that sometimes we go through the same experience until we learn the lesson that we need to learn. This is the 4th time I've had my hip replaced. Hopefully I've finally learned my lesson.

What's the lesson: 

Slow down, trust others. 

My professional life revolves around meeting expectations, managing chaos, ensuring success. Students. Parents. Staff. The Board of Education. Our community.  

Everyday there is something to worry about. 

Some profound:
  • Will our students be engaged at school?
  • Are we communicating effectively with parents?
  • Are we preparing students with the skills they need to be successful?
  • Are we helping staff find professional success?
Some more mundane but still important:
  • Will the buses be on time?
  • Do we serve food that students want to eat?
  • Are classrooms clean?
Everyday there is something to worry about.

Until you can't or at least you shouldn't.

After my hip was replaced I could continue to worry about all that I typically worry about or I could worry about other important things. Like lifting my leg. Like figuring out how to walk with a walker. Like making sure I didn't bend over or cross my legs.

I couldn't put on my own socks. I couldn't tie my shoes. 

Instead of being the one who did things I had to adjust to letting others do for me. I could try and manage from a distance or I could rely on my team. I could worry and fret or I could have confidence in others. 

Slow down, trust others.

Some learn more slowly than others. I clearly fit into that category. My recovery has taught me that I am not responsible for the world, even my small world. I have a part to play. I need to play it well. But in the end I need to understand that to go fast I need to go slow. My recovery has taught me to slow down, trust others.

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