Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Look behind the headline

Governor Snyder presented his proposed budget today.

He suggests that each school district will receive a $75 dollar per student increase. He is correct. My district will receive an additional $480,000.

However, he forget to mention that he is also decreasing funding in certain funding buckets. Those funding buckets account for a net loss to my district of $100 per student or a decrease in revenue of $640,000.

As a result of this funding increase my district will receive $160,000 less next year.

So in Novi, Governor Snyder's budget will result in at least a $25 dollar per student loss next year.

How do I know? Look at the details of Governor Snyder's budget.

Item Program 2013-14 Appropriations 2014-15 Appropriations 2015-16 Appropriations
Sec. 22f Best Practices $80,000,000 $80,000,000 $30,000,000
Sec. 22j Pupil Performance $46,400,000 $46,400,000 $0

Section 22f - down $50 million dollars.

Section 22j - down $46.4 million dollars.

The 22f funding was allocated to districts if they met "best practices." In 22f funding Novi received $50 per student last year. Next year - the best we can hope for is $20 per student. A net decrease of $30 dollars per student or $192,000.

The 22j pupil performance funding was allocated to districts whose students performed at a certain level on state assessments. In 22j funding Novi received $70 per pupil last year. Next year we will receive ZERO dollars per pupil from 22j or a loss of $448,000.

Our total revenue loss is $640,000.

So while the Governor's headline is that education revenue will increase $75 per pupil, or $480,000 to Novi, he fails to mention that Novi will have a decrease in revenue of $100 per pupil or  $640,000.

Novi will receive $160,000 less next year under the Governor's budget.

It is important to look behind the headline!


  1. The Governor is an idiot!! Can't understand why he was reelected.

    1. I guess because the Dems gave us a decade-long recession while the country prospered?

    2. Well, that's Novi. How do others districts fair? The state needs to give back some control to local district so that we can support or own schools.

    3. why Snyder was ever reelected is beyond me he has done nothing but help himself and his friends ect. People wake up please

    4. How quickly we forget that we were almost bankrupt before Snyder took over. We were told that we might not receive our State Income tax refunds. I don't care what Party you belong to as long as they stop increasing taxes and live within their budget as we all have to do.

  2. Thievery! Isn't that illegal?