Friday, December 12, 2014

What brings you joy?

A young man - still in elementary school - looked up in the teacher's eyes and asked, "What brings you joy?"

A teacher recounted that story to me this week as she asked me, "What brings you joy?"

It is not a question that I ask myself very often. But as I thought about it, I understood that joy surrounds me.

I see joy - almost everyday.

In a variety of places.

With students who are doing a lot of different things.

I see joy in the faces of the students in my district. In the faces of the teachers in my district.
But the question is what brings me joy?
My wife, my boys, my walks with Kaya - my dog.
My family, my friends. 
Sunrises, sunsets, clear nights when I can sit by a fire.
I find joy in many places and with many people.  
When I enter a classroom and see students and their teacher deeply engaged in meaningful work - that brings me joy.
When a teacher bends down to listen deeply and intently to a child - that brings me joy.
When I hear students laugh, when I see students care, when I see students work hard to learn their lesson - that brings me joy.
Joy is something that surrounds me - and yet most days I don't think much about it. I will think about it more often.
A teacher asked me a question, "What brings you joy?"
So I ask you as well - what brings you joy?

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