Monday, January 13, 2014

Football, student engagement, and success

Today, I read this:

"One thing Tony Dungy told me is that, if you can make individual players better, then they're going to listen," Kelly told me. "So I think when you're dealing with anybody, no matter what business it is, if people understand that you care about them and you want to help them, then I think they're going to take to it." (


What do I learn from this?

Whether it's football or school, people need to know you care. Part of caring about people is working to help them improve.

In schools, we don't work with people who make millions of dollars. I am not giving direction to someone who has signed a contract that ends in lots of zeros.

Instead, I work with students. Students who on occasion may not be all that interested in school. But if I can connect with that student - if I can get that student to understand that I want them to be successful - then I have a shot.

And that's all I need. I just need a chance.

I get that chance when I convince that 1st grader or that 8th grader or that senior in high school that I care about them.

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