Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Iterative Process? What?

How do we get better?

It appears that looking for the "right" answer can actually hamper efforts to build the best system. What seems to be needed is a willingness to build prototypes, examine the outcomes, and refine. The "iterative process."

This "design process" approach is discussed in this brief video.

What does this teach me?

The "iterative process" is a process that focuses not on finding "the" answer but on cultivating a willingness to continually reflect on and improve what we are doing.

That willingness to reflect is hard to develop if I continually demand perfection. If I am unwilling to accept that we don't know all the answers then I paralyze people and make them focus on the "one" right answer. 

There is no one right answer. 

What there has to be is a willingness to get things right over time. Reflecting on what is happening, being willing to look at it honestly, and then being willing to improve are the attributes that will lead to success.

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