Monday, January 30, 2012

Do roads matter more than students?

Recently Governor Ric Snyder stated that Michigan roads are in terrible shape. His solution was to suggest that taxes and fees should be raised and that more money should be given to help remedy the situation.

Governor Snyder has also said that schools are not doing the job and that only 17% of Michigan high school graduates are ready for college. (As an aside that is a highly dubious statistic and is not at all consistent with what actually happens when the graduates from my district go to college. That discussion will be saved for another time.) His solution for this "problem" has been to cut education funding $470 per student.

Are roads that much more important than students to our governor?

I am sure that our governor would say that students are more important. I would suggest that he thinks that schools can cut their budgets and not experience any hardship.

Yet the state-mandated retirement rate will increase for my district next year over 2%. While that sounds like a small increase it will raise the cost of doing business in my district by over 1.3 million dollars.

I want my school district to be as efficient as possible. I also know that "throwing money" at a problem rarely fixes it.

I just wish the governor thought that students were as important as roads.

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